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One thing all travellers have in common is we can’t sit still long enough for the grass to grow around us, or dust to settle on us.

Generally, I’m not happy unless I have a few trips in the pipeline and yet I still find time to complain that it’s not enough! That’s right folks, even with 30 days’ holiday, infrequently having to actually pay for my own travel, and a job in travel that I love, I still want more.

Ile Saint Marie

So what exciting adventures are on the horizon for The Kiwi Has Landed?
Having had a bumper travel year so far in 2016 including Iran, America, Greece, Iceland and a host of other destinations. I feel rejuvenated with loads of fresh travel plans on the horizon. Plus I have a new website layout so that has added loads of new places I want to visit. The problem is once again I seem to be running out of holidays and money. The first problem is solved as I bought an extra 10 days, the latter I’m struggling with but it always seems to work itself out.

I dream of Africa!!!!
Yes, once again I have itchy feet to return to Africa. What can I say, I love it! There’s something so rich and rewarding about travelling through the Dark Continent. So much so that I have a sabbatical signed off for early 2018. I know what you’re thinking, it’s too early to start getting excited but I can’t help it. The plan is to travel through West Africa with a company called Overlanding West Africa for a few months.

Churchill, Canada
My favourite animal is the Polar Bear and for many years since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to see one in the wild, so November it is! I remember visiting Auckland Zoo in New Zealand when I was young; it later went mad because the enclosure was too small so they shot it. But seeing a Polar Bear in the wild will be a magical thing and quite frankly, I can’t wait! That’s why I’ll be flying up to Winnipeg, spending the night and then flying into Churchill to stay at the Lazy Bear Lodge for 3 nights. Dog mushing, Northern Lights, big white and fluffy Polar Bears and Canadian wilderness. Seriously…how good does this sound!


December I’m off to Ethiopia backpacking for 19 days with friends. I’ve wanted to go there for many years since hearing the Patti Smith album ‘Radio Ethiopia’ which for the record is utterly brilliant. We’ll be spending most of this time in the north but have a few days and a flight to the south to see the tribes. Watch this space!


Go on, join my adventures around the globe – follow my blog and like me on Facebook. If you ever have questions about your up and coming trips, please feel free to ask. I’ve nearly crossed of 100 countries and happy to share my info.

Monument Valley

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