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One thing all travellers have in common is we can’t sit still long enough for the grass to grow around us, or dust to settle on us.

Generally, I’m not happy unless I have a few trips in the pipeline and yet I still find time to complain that it’s not enough! That’s right folks, even with 30 days’ holiday, infrequently having to actually pay for my own travel, and a job in travel that I love, I still want more.

Ile Saint Marie

So what exciting adventures are on the horizon for The Kiwi Has Landed?
Having just returned from a month in Cameroon, my first foray into West Africa, I feel completely rejuvenated and also very keen to get back there again. Yes, there was a hell of a lot of dust and the whole experience was vastly different to East Africa, but for me it felt like a real travel adventure which I am keen to relive.

Currently I’m taking a break from the London rat race and spending a month back in my hometown of Auckland in New Zealand. Catching up with family and friends, enjoying the summer and chance to swim whilst the northern hemisphere is cold and wet.

In May, I’ll be heading up to Canada’s Halifax for Rendezvous travel trade show, followed by a weeks jaunt up to altitude in Colorado for ‘International Pow Wow’; the biggest and best travel trade event in America.

In July, a friend of mine Laura Morrison is driving her 1958 Morris Minor from Aberdeen in Scotland to Cape Town in South Africa. Her dad passed from cancer and he always dreamt of doing this drive himself, however never got to realise it. Therefore Laura is doing this on his behalf in the car they both loved and raising money for The Cancer Society. I’ll be joining her in Cairo for the Egypt and Sudan section for three weeks in the sweltering height of summer.

Cancer Society Donation Page

The Sudan has more pyramids than any other country on planet earth — now that is quite the tagline!

I’m sure there will be more travel so watch this space….

Go on, join my adventures around the globe – follow my blog and like me on Facebook. If you ever have questions about your up and coming trips, please feel free to ask. I’ve nearly crossed of 100 countries and happy to share my info.

Monument Valley

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