The dictionary defines the word wanderlust as: a strong desire to travel.

Over the past 20 years, my travel journey has at times left me penniless, ill, exhausted and misunderstood, yet still I have a strong desire to travel.

I’m Iain, a 40+ traveller with over 108 countries under my belt. I believe travel is about meeting the locals, getting dirty, testing patience and actively seeking out true adventure. Travel is precious so I treat it as such.

Why do I travel? The pursuit of perfection – to see things too beautiful to put into words. Plus I like drinking foreign beer in amazing countries.

Why do I blog? Initially, I had dreams of making it big and being paid to travel.

These days, I'm more of a travel writer. I cover destinations typically off-the-beaten-track so people like you and I, have the information to get us where we need to go.

Come join my mischief and adventures exploring this beautiful planet.

Happy travelling folks.

Christmas Shopping in New York City

There aren’t many nationalities that do Christmas quite like the Americans and you can turn a simple city break into an incredible experience. You know what this means…Christmas certainly comes early for New York shoppers. New York is the perfect…

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How can cities beat the overtourism epidemic?

Mainstream tourism is in danger of being homogenised. As the world’s most visited attractions are showing the effects of overtourism, ‘Conscious-Tourism’ will continue to gain more importance. How can your brand create sustainable long-term solutions to the over-tourism epidemic, which…

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A guide for travelling to Sudan: Travel itinerary & tips

Sudan Travel Guide – Itinerary and Tips

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Thawing of the Polar Travel Market

A rise in accessibility to the polar travel Arctic and Antarctica is offering consumers new ways to experience polar destinations. However, with tourism on the rise in these regions, so too is the impact on the environment and brands are…

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