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The Kiwi Has Landed

The dictionary defines the word wanderlust as: a strong desire to travel.

Over the past 20 years, my travel journey has at times left me penniless, ill, exhausted and misunderstood, yet still I have a strong desire to travel.

I’m Iain, a 40+ traveller with over 108 countries under my belt. I believe travel is about meeting the locals, getting dirty, testing patience and actively seeking out true adventure. Travel is precious so I treat it as such.

Why do I travel? The pursuit of perfection – to see things too beautiful to put into words. Plus I like drinking foreign beer in amazing countries.

Why do I blog? Initially, I had dreams of making it big and being paid to travel. These days, I’m more of a travel writer. I cover destinations typically off-the-beaten-track so people like you and I, have the information to get us where we need to go.


Well, a kiwi is a term affectionately given to people from New Zealand and also by ourselves. Plus I have a compulsive tendency to plan trips, board planes and ‘land’ in amazing places around the globe, hence The Kiwi Has Landed!

What is a kiwi? It’s a flightless New Zealand bird with hair-like feathers, having a long down-curved bill with sensitive nostrils at the tip.

I left New Zealand for London a naive 22 year old man – even my lunch was still being packed for me I kid you not. To say I was ‘wet behind the ears’ would be an understatement but I learnt quickly. I’d work for 9 months, quit my job and then head off backpacking on a ridiculous budget for as long as the money would last. Only then I would return to London and end up pulling pints in a pub until I could find another job.

Eventually I stopped coming back to the UK and took a job as an adventure Tour Leader in Egypt, Jordan, China and Japan where I stayed for 2.5 years, having some incredible experiences. I’m now back in London and work in the travel industry as a Product Manager and Freelance Travel Blogger and couldn’t think of another job I would enjoy more.

I’ve racked up over 100 countries now and ‘the list’ seems to have grown rather than shortened. Some of my most treasured experiences are landing on the White Continent in Antarctica, hiking in Southern China’s rice terraces in Guangxi Province, rafting the entire length of the Grand Canyon, hiking in Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park, swimming in the Okavango Delta, tracking wildlife in the Serengeti and spotting Black Bears whilst camping in Alaska.

A few things about me!
• I eat, sleep and breathe music and can often be found at live gigs or spread on the grass at a festival drinking cheap cider. My CD collection is ridiculous and love nothing better than scouring dusty records shops for soul, ska and Motown vinyl

Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival

• I am an old-school traveller and have travelled on some of the lowest daily budgets. These days I travel on a higher budget and although I can’t bring myself to admit it, I prefer to travel on a higher budget these days


• I’ve had the same blue Karrimor backpack for 18 years and absolutely love it – it will be a sad day when it eventually comes to an end!

• I’m a budding amateur photographer and secretly miss the days of winding on film in the dark room. Although I love photoshop, the suspense created when soaking photos in chemicals is something I do miss

• Having been caught out in time of crises, I have wiped my bum using at least 6 different currencies from around the world, and as many bibliography pages from travel guides

Diving the Red Sea
Diving the Red Sea

• I am a nightmare sleeper, which makes me a terrible person to share a hostel room with (although my days sleeping in hostels are pretty much finished)

• I love trying strange drinks in strange countries and continuously make the mistake of overindulging and flying with a dirty hangover

• Mosquitos never bite me but flies will literally travel for miles to find me – what is it they say about flies around?

I take my travelling very seriously and try to absorb as many experiences from travel as humanly possible. For me it is about connecting with the country and speaking to as many local people to enrich my experience. I would love for you to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and read my blogs!

The one that didn't get away

Happy travelling folks!

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