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Destination: Memory Lane Blogging Challenge

It’s a true fact that; travel bloggers sure can spin a tale. We have stockpiled stories, from accounts of stunning beauty to hilarity and despair. We talk about food, music, meeting strangers and modes of transportation. We share insider tips on prices and bookings and how to go to the bathroom in a variety of cultures. Our blogs are filled with literally hundreds of anecdotes about our travel memories.

Down the Wrabbit Hole – The Travel Bucket List has created the “Destination: Memory Lane” Blogging Challenge. We have asked travel bloggers to present the TOP FIVE posts that contain your favourite travel memories.

  1. The Secret Life of a Tour Leader
    Life for an adventure tour leader is magnificent. As I reminisce from the confines of my underground carriage in London nine years after hanging up my boots, a smile spreads across my face. Wonderful memories and colourful personalities reappear in waves of gloriousness as I ponder my time leading tour groups in Egypt, Jordan, China and Japan.
  2. Footprints on the White Continent
    The White Continent was my final and seventh to explore. One which holds so much curiosity and wonder but also the focus of much speculation as the ice-caps are breaking-off and melting due to global warming. I was excited at the prospect of following in the footsteps of Ernest Shackleton and making my own footprints in the snow.
  3. Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater Safari
    There is something very primal and exciting about setting off on safari. Seeing Mother Nature in its natural and comfortable environment, in its most pure and raw form; free from external influencing human factors. The animal kingdom – where every animal and everything for that matter knows it’s ranking and adapts to survive.
  4. Climbing Mt Fuji – A Drunken Oath Fulfilled
    Mt Fuji is Japan’s highest mountain and the crowning glory of the vast and extremely beautiful Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. A perfectly symmetrical volcanic cone, the mountain is a near-mythical national symbol and equally respected and feared. I was informed that all Japanese people must climb at one time in their lifetime; after that I had to forge my own path up the mountain.
  5. The Campervan Road Trip
    There are many ways to explore and experience all that Europe has to offer. From oversized cruise ships docked at every port, to the humble rail pass, public buses, flight and with your own transport. There are also a multitude of varying budgets to cater for your preferred style of travel and Europe is well and truly on the ‘beaten path’, so you’re guaranteed a certain standard and at times, decrease in customer service levels. Exploring Europe by campervan was a magnificent experience and one recommended to everyone.
Enjoying some blogging downtime in Madagascar.
Enjoying some blogging downtime in Madagascar.

I hope you enjoy the extreme pleasure of nominating five more fantastic travel bloggers to perpetuate the travel love:

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