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Buying the perfect travel camera

Leica V-Lux camera

Choosing the perfect travel camera can be a bit of a nightmare.

Do you opt for a DSLR camera with all the lenses and risk going too big? Or do you go compact so you can whip it out as and when needed, but still be small enough to fit in your pocket on a night out?

You want your camera of choice to perform tricks, but don’t want the weight and baggage that goes along with it. These days I seem to cart around so many different electronic devices so weight, and keeping them safe, is a chore. It’s a tough call.

I’ve always been a Canon DSLR man and carted around interchangeable lenses. For me it was just a necessary evil, the same as flying to get where you need to. I want to have more control over the photos I take, plus let’s face it, if you see a lion 40 meters off, a point-and-shoot just isn’t going to cut it.

Masjed-e Vakil-Iran

However, a few years ago I was loaned a camera (V-LUX) by Leica for a trip to New Zealand and never looked back. It is an all-in-one and has a 25-400mm lens so there is no need to carry around a separate lens. Plus, it’s smaller than most traditional DSLR cameras. But what I like about it is that is has all the pre-photo bells and whistles so I can alter colours, depth of field, or add a specific preference.

The Leica V-Lux lightweight and compact (for a DSLR), can handle a battering (trust me on this one) and takes video so if you ever feel the need to take a time lapse, you can do right ahead.

Here is a video I took with my Leica camera in Ethiopia.

Amazon Rainforest

The way I see it, I’m not a professional photographer and the older I get, I want to travel lighter and quite simply, just take a decent photo!

Do I miss my Canon? Sure I do. I regretted selling my kit almost as soon as the money exchange was completed.

Do I miss carrying that extra weight around? No, I really don’t. I’m not the typical tourist destination traveller, so generally if I’m taking photos of people (which I prefer), I need to move quickly without being noticed.

Danakil Depression

I bought the Leica V-LUX Typ 114 20.1 MP 4K which creates a clear image and is great for long distance shots, but not so much macro. It actually has everything that I need. It performs all the tricks I would expect and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others. At £900 it’s not cheap but in my experience, the durability will last you a long time.

Happy travelling folks



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