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Charlie Cunningham – Live at Union Chapel Feb 2017

Half way through the gig a friend said that listening to Charlie Cunningham is like being played adult lullabies. What was essentially a throw away comment hit the nail on the head.

The Bedfordshire-born, London-based artist delivers an honest realness to his performance and commanded his place on stage early on. It was one of those gigs where the audience just sat listening in silence and apart from a few screeching declarations of love for the singer-songwriter (and the fact no booze was allowed downstairs) the audience was well behaved.

This was my first gig at Islington’s Union Chaple which is a working church, live entertainment venue and homeless drop-in centre. It was built in the 19th century in Gothic revival style with ornate stone work and rows of pews. The acoustics are incredible and perfect for the fluid tones of an artist like Charlie Cunningham.

Lights off – Charlie Cunningham

He announced that his gig at Union Chapel was ambitious (due to the size) and yet he filled every seat. I love seeing headline acts making their debut onto larger stages, when they appear almost relieved that people turned up. His apprehension was obvious for the first few songs however, he quickly relaxed into banter with the audience and delivered an incredible show.

Charlie’s songwriting and percussive-flamenco style makes you forget he is just one man and his guitar on stage. It is effortless to watch, almost as though it was pre-recorded and all he had to do is sing along. He certainly merited every ounce of his post-encore standing ovation.

If you haven’t checked Charlie Cunningham out yet then you can start by listening to his debut album The Lines.

Because I’m such a decent chap, I’ll leave you with a rough and ready live recording from the evening. You’re welcome.


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