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Dig This Shoot That – Hands down the BEST day out in Las Vegas

I didn’t expect to like Las Vegas but the truth is I love it, especially when you can ‘dig this shoot that’.

Each time I return I find myself enjoying it more but you need to have enough disposable bank roll for this playground. This desert neon city in a basin on the floor of the Mojave Desert runs on the smell of tourism dollars so whether you’re out boozing, feeding slot machines, dancing in clubs or seeing a show, Vegas is set up to extract the green from your pocket.

Las Vegas

I used to hang out around The Strip but now I spend most of my time downtown in the original Vegas. There is always loads happening around Fremont Street and sometimes it’s nice not to deal with the madness of The Strip when you’re not in the mood.

I’ve always maintained if you can’t afford to have a good time in Vegas, then keep saving until you can. Don’t dip your toes in because it’s just not the city for a sober mini break on a shoestring.

Gone are the days when this city was an escape for unregulated gambling or gambling at all for that matter. In fact, the past couple of times I’ve been I haven’t played the tables at all apart from the odd dollar as I’m passing. I’ve seen shows, rode the rollercoasters, taken a hot air balloon over the Red Desert, danced in the top clubs and drank cheap beer in dive bars down town. But these are mainly evening events so what is there to do during the day?

dig this shoot that

What is ‘Dig This Shoot That’ you ask? Well, it’s all in the title actually. This is a combination package (booked through Dig This) and quite possibly the most amazing way to spend a day away from the smokey casinos. The morning is spent digging this, or more to the point driving bull dozers and diggers around a compound on the outskirts of Vegas, picking up massive tyres and dropping them off in another area. Then digging gaping holes in the soil and then filling them back up again. Sound like a bit of a pointless task? Well, give it a go and I guarantee it will be the highlight of your trip. Certainly better then pouring your life savings onto a poker table and hoping for the best. Dig this is run by a Kiwi guy who moved to Vegas, he has a slick operation as well as being a nice guy to boot. His business is unsurprisingly called Dig This.

Shoot this is exactly as the name describes, firing a multitude of guns from machine guns to hand held pistols at paper targets in a controlled environment. For someone who had only fired two bullets from a gun in Cambodia before, this was one of the few chances I had to fire off a few rounds and not risk life or limb (mine or anyone else’s). They have different packages on offer so if you discover that your aim is better than expected you can opt for a package with more gun options. You can mix it up and shoot first and dig in the afternoon but depends if you want to fire automatic weapons on an empty stomach.

Dig this shoot that isn’t your typical day out but nothing about Vegas is (or at least should be) a typical holiday destination. Don’t be scared off by the price (US$424) because everything costs money and this is a full day experience.

You don’t need a license or previous experience to shoot guns or drive the heavy machinery…what could go wrong right!

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