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I have worked in the travel industry as a senior professional for over 18 years now and have travelled the world extensively. This includes all seven continents, all seasons and from budget to luxury travel. I absolutely adore working within the travel industry and I couldn’t think an industry which suits my personality better.

I started my travel career in travel admin before moving across to travel reservations. From here I traded in the 9-5 job and cooler climate of England, for the life of an adventure tour leader and enjoyed years of life on the road. I worked in destinations such as Egypt, Jordan, China, Japan and South East Asia. I often look back fondly on this as one of the best times in my life.

Since then I’ve used England as my base, working as Product Manager, Product Director, Operations Manager and Product Development Manager. I am heavily involved with social media and the importance this has in promoting businesses and travel destinations.

I’ve worked across all continents and specialised in each at different times in my career. I’ve set up operations in foreign countries from an idea to a successful product including contracting hotels, transport, service providers, guides and planning tour logistics. This also includes risk assessments, contracting, best practice and training.

I have owned and operated an LGBT tour operator and can instruct businesses looking to break into the LGBT market on best practice.

Any companies looking for a travel industry professional to plan their travel, offer advice and assist with offering suitable product to reflect your demographic, please get in touch.

You find my rates fare and affordable given my industry experience. Please contact Iain Shiels on shielsiain@gmail.com.

Iain Shiels

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