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Why living in New Zealand will RUIN you for life!

Aotearoa…the land off the long white cloud is paradise on earth. I’m almost tempted to show you the worst aspects of the country to throw you off the scent and keep New Zealand a secret for as long as possible, but I’m a decent sort of chap. Here are 30 reasons that make Kiwiland one of the most awesome countries on the planet. You’re welcome.

1) Because you can stop at the beach for a swim or paddle board on the way home after work

2) Because New Zealand makes the best ice-cream and fro-yo in the world!

3) It’s an outdoors lifestyle so if sunshine and swimming in the ocean tick all your boxes, well…New Zealand will be like a wet dream for you.

4) Because you can enjoy scenes like this on a daily basis

5) Because if you live in Auckland, you’re only a hop skip and a jump to the Waitakere Ranges (i.e. some of the most incredible black sand beaches…on planet earth

6) If you cant tear yourself away from the ski slopes, the North and South Islands will deliver. Queenstown and Wanaka will rate highly on your list of ‘things to do’
Photo credit: Apartments Spinnaker Bay

7) Because New Zealand makes THE BEST pies and sausage rolls in the entire universe…fact!

8) Because you can eat fresh crayfish and wine soaked muscles at places like this

…whilst you watch wildlife such as this

…and this

9) If you like public (and free) parades to celebrate diversity, well get your gums around the Pride parade

…and this with the Scottish Highland Games

10) Because our volcanoes make for awesome hiking and incredible views (but don’t blow hot lava and ash into the atmosphere…ahem Iceland)!
Photo credit: Department of conservation

11) Because you can hang out with these fellows

12) Because if you like heights and also throwing yourself off them, you can enjoy a gamble at Sky Tower before bungy jumping back to street level
Photo credit: Auckland Sky Tower

13) Because there are caves that literally light up with glow worms
Photo credit Jordan Poste/Stoked

14) Because you can enjoy fine dining and fresh seafood at the restaurant of your choice. From Michelin star to beach side eateries

15) Because if you don’t fancy walking, you can travel like this

…or this

…or this

…or even this
Photo credit: The Art of Surfing

16) Because a BBQ is a quality meal out, or in… or anywhere for that matter
Photo credit: stuff.co.nz

17) Because if you’re a culture vulture, New Zealand can put on one hell of a display

18) Because New Zealand has the greatest Rugby Union team…IN THE WORLD! (mmmwahhh)!

19) Because Kiwi’s roast coffee beans so well that we are known globally for our flat whites
Photo credit: TripAdvisor

20) Because our mud pools actually bubble and explode

…and our hot pools are this beautiful

21) Because if you dig a hole at our beaches, you’ll have yourself your own private hot water pool!

22) You can trade in boring hotels for holiday homes (batches) like this!

23) You’ll meet the friendliest people on a daily basis

…and eat feijoas (if you don’t know what this is, it is an incredible blend of sour and sweet in one small green oval fruit)

24) Because if you like good wine, we have vineyards all over the country and an island full of them (i.e. Waiheke…go for a day, stay for a week)

25) If you’re an avid stargazer, the skies over New Zealand will literally take your breath away. Get away from the cities, lie down on the grass and look up!

26) Because in one day you can fly in a helicopter and land on this….

…and then swim in this

…and then hike in the forest at night to see these fairy lights
Photo credit: Digital Spy

27) Because our mountains are snow-capped

28) Because New Zealand is made for road tripping

29) Because Kiwi’s can often be found sporting the worlds finest mullet (or mu-lay)

30) But generally because New Zealand is just TOO SEXY for its own good!



  1. March 3, 2017 / 8:03 pm

    Too sexy indeed! 😀 Just saw an article the other day about Wellington, where business owners will fly in 100 IT candidates so they can start a new career there. Tempting haha 😀 – Mica of http://www.senyorita.net

  2. February 13, 2018 / 2:21 pm

    Looks like the title means the other way around! You got me there! New Zealand is almost perfect place in my opinion. I’d love to visit those black sand beach one day.

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