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Avoid Taylor Gibbs in Highgate (at all costs)

Dear readers, I warn you now this isn’t my usual fun-loving travel blog filled with inspiring destinations and footprints left on dusty trails around the globe. Let’s just call this a blog roll instead shall we. No it focuses more on the normal humdrum of everyday life – that being…finding a flat to rent in London.

Taylor Gibbs, Highgate

Yes choosing an Estate Agent to rent a flat via, or a Property Management company to rent your flat through in London is one of necessary evil paths all Londoners must walk at one stage or another. So many times I have heard the statement that estate agents are like ‘used car salesmen’ however…I have met some straight-talking estate agents in my time, especially when I was buying my own through Bairstow Eves (Gavin) so I don’t buy into this statement.

Choosing the right agent in London can be like running the gauntlet and sometimes all this dodging of bullets can leave us with nicks and cuts. But, as I said, it is a necessary evil and generally we just need to accept how things are and move on.

I wanted to let the good folks of London know about a recent transaction with Taylor Gibbs in Highgate, why? Because I care, plus I hope to warn any potential customers of Taylor Gibbs before using their service based on my experience. I don’t suggest this will happen to all clients of Taylor Gibbs but it was certainly an experience which left me with a dirty taste. Having since read other online reviews it appears we are not alone. Perhaps more research was required prior signing a contract, especially as the service deteriorated soon after like a glorious supernova. Here is a review left which pretty much says it all.
I would love to hear about your experiences also folks. Enjoy!

Our entire experience with Taylor Gibbs Estate Agents is nothing short of pathetic.

They offer clients an extremely base level customer service. Based on recent experience I advise anyone thinking of asking them to manage your property, or thinking of renting through them to be highly cautious.

What would you expect a professional company to ensure a property on their books offered as a legal minimum?

Fire doors?
Apparently not a concern for Taylor Gibbs. Small detail but a legal requirement never the less.

Customer Service
Sadly lacking! Once contracts were signed it seemed to diminish rapidly. What would you expect Taylor Gibbs Property Management to do for a customer after a major water leak from the flat above (not Taylor Gibbs fault), which caused the ceiling to collapse, destroying all possessions in the room, causing electricity to stop, and render the room unusable for over 6 weeks? That’s right, nothing. Why? Because it’s simply all too much effort.

Assess electrical damage
Taylor Gibbs had very little concern that the electrics had stopped working due to heavy water damage. They didn’t feel hiring an electrician to make sure the flat was safe was a major concern; nor to protect the owner’s property was valid. They have since admitted via email this was an error.

Repairing a collapsed ceiling to reinstate use of the room (in a two bed flat)
Not a concern of Taylor Gibbs either. They were happy to just let us sort everything ourselves with excuses that it was tied up with the insurance company. Funnily enough I was able to arrange for repairs to happen myself after 6 weeks (amazing what a phone call can do). Taylor Gibbs, having personally seen the extent of the damage should have been straight on the case. In fact they had to phone to ask WHO the property management company was. The damage has since been fixed, it’s just a shame their focus didn’t lean more towards retaining a client than ensuring they could rent the flat again. They have since admitted via email they should have done more and lessons had been learnt.


Water Leak

Enquire if I was covered by insurance
Didn’t even ask, nor did they care. They saw the extent of the damage when they came around however, apart from taking a few photos they talked more about what was happening on ‘The Voice UK’ than have any sense of professional decency about them.

Speak politely and act professionally
One of their younger customer facing girls named Holly, had absolutely no empathy or respect for customers. To say she was rude at being asked to do something (and for rent rebate at loss of one of the rooms and health and safety hazard) is an understatement. Yet another reason to question the ethics from a company marketed as professional.

Offer compensation for loss of one room for 6 weeks
Quote “It is nothing to do with Taylor Gibbs; you need to take this up with the owner”. Do you mean the same owner whom I have never spoken with, nor have a contract with? Does this sound like customer service? They were right, any compensation should be authorised by the property owner, but come on Taylor Gibbs…pull-your-finger-out! It’s all in the title…PROPERTY MANAGEMENT!

The final straw was when our neighbours came around and told us that Taylor Gibbs were spotted entering the flat when no-one was home, without advising us (something they still deny despite being seen doing so). They could have simply asked us and we would have said yes but no, they just let themselves in when they fancied it.

Anyone considering using Taylor Gibbs to manage their property, or renting a property through them my advice is be cautious. Once you are committed into a contract, if anything was to go wrong, it can turn into a nightmare.#EPICFAIL

Name: YouAreALiar
Comment: This is all so untrue. Why you are writing this when you are not even the tenant and should not even have been living in the flat with your cat. The repairs were not carried out as result of a phone call by you. No one entered the flat and neighbours corroborate this fact. You make up stories like you do in your blog…. you weave your words but how can we believe anything you write is true when you are so full of shit. The actual tenant is in breach of contract having not paid rent and its lucky for you that we don’t know where you live. You write this as if you were the tenant but actually you should not even have been there. Your view is so skewed and such a misrepresentation of the true facts. You are upset but you shouldn’t lie about what happened… you should seek the correct facts and not make all this up.

Great response guys, I expected no less. Interesting that you have not provided your name, nor confirmed that you are writing from Taylor Gibbs as I imagine you are. If you feel so strongly about having a negative representation of Taylor Gibbs published through social media, perhaps the company should cease to promote the business through social channels. But to respond with such a threatening and ridiculous email does confirm that all the comments in my blog post were in fact 100% true. Seriously, where is my motivation to write this without real cause? Also, to say it’s lucky you don’t know where I live? Really? I have an email from you stating that we are all paid up and also the partial refund for our bond.

I appreciate you taking the time to participate in my blog post.If you provide your name and email address next time I’ll be happy to give you a special mention in my next post, or if you would prefer to remain nameless and faceless? I can take a wild guess about where you are writing from. Especially given that you are so au fait with ‘the facts’. Not very clever guys!



  1. Sarah Goldstein
    December 23, 2016 / 1:08 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. My experience with Taylor Gibbs was horrendous. Once we had signed our contract with them, they were extremely unhelpful throughout the tenancy. This all changed naturally when we handed our notice in and they suddenly wanted to do work for the next tenants. They then screwed us out of money once we had moved out, despite us cleaning the flat from top to bottom to a high standard. We would NEVER use them again!!!!

    • December 23, 2016 / 1:10 pm

      Thanks for reading Sarah and sorry to hear that you had similar issues as I did.

  2. Toby
    December 23, 2016 / 1:39 pm

    I used Taylor Gibbs when we first moved to Highgate, never again! I think your term ‘used car salesman’ was spot on!!!!!!!!

    • September 27, 2018 / 10:00 pm

      Yes indeed, unfortunately it is. Be sure to leave them a review on a public site, perhaps it might send shock waves of customer service rippling through their office.

  3. Tabby Silverton
    May 2, 2017 / 6:29 pm

    Interesting article and thanks for posting. We have just taken on a flat in the Highgate area and had considered Taylor Gibbs in the early stages. We read your article, looked further afield and signed contracts (very happily) with another agent in Highgate. Customer service should NEVER be an ‘extra benefit’.

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