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How to make the perfect S’mores

S’mores are a camping essential. Gone are the days when I was a kid of making (damper) up a doughy mixture of sugar, flour and water; wrapping it around a stick and gently roasting it over a fire. No these days it’s all about taste and the humble branch stick has been replaced by metal rod, tasteless dough has been replaced with a delicious explosion of marshmallow, chocolate and biscuit.

What is a S’more?

Well, first you need a campfire, this is by far the most important ingredient for creating the perfect S’more. For the other ingredients as the Scouts say, you’ll be to be prepared so be sure to pack the following:

• Marshmallows
• Graham Crackers (available at Tesco)
• Hershey’s Chocolate Bars (this is on the original recipe but I prefer other brands and white instead of milk chocolate)

In case you hadn’t worked out the clever name yet, it’s called a S’more, because once you’ve had one, you’ll want (s)more!

How to make your S’more?

After you’ve honed your fire making skills it’s time to get down to business! First you place 2-3 squares of chocolate (or as many as you feel you need) on a Graham Cracker, making sure to keep another ready for the grand finale.

Skewer your marshmallow with the metal rod and gently ease it above the coals or near to the fire…be patient. The temptation to plunge it into the belly of the fire will be strong but please resist. When your marshmallow has what you feel to be the required level of toastiness and is hot enough to melt chocolate, whip it out of the fire and slam it in between the two crackers and chocolate.


Let the chocolate melt for a few seconds before enjoying your first mouthful and then sit back and enjoy this incredible camping taste sensation. Then repeat until overindulgence.

There you have it folks, the perfect accessory for your perfect camping trip with good mates.

Happy travelling folks.


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