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10 Reasons Why Men Who Travel Make Better Boyfriends

Does distance make the heart grow fonder? I think so.

Ok, maybe not when couples live in different countries but being away from your significant other for short spaces of time keeps things fresh. New conversation topics allow for interesting conversations. More importantly it reminds us what we have and how lucky we are.

There’s no denying that relationships can be complicated and having a partner who travels a lot can be a hard thing to digest depending on who you’re with. I’ve been lucky enough to have found an understanding partner who doesn’t mind my every-changing travel plans or me skipping off around the globe, even if it’s at the expense of mutual holidays.

Some of my favourite people in the world are travellers – they’re fun to go out drinking with, always have a great story and if I was ever stuck in an elevator (again), I have a long list of ‘wanderlusters’ that I could happily chat with before hitting the panic alarm button.

Iain Shiels

Dating a man who travels

So why is having a boyfriend who travels such a great idea? A friend of mine reckons that it’s because men are much less annoying when they’re a million miles away, clearly a female opinion. She may be right but here are my top ten reasons why you’ll be much happier with a stamp-collecting male boyfriend.

1) Depending on independence
He has travelled the world, faced the mightiest of challenges and ultimately won’t be afraid of new situations. He has also travelled alone on many occasions, is comfortable in his own skin and sometimes just needs his own space. This shouldn’t be viewed as a negative it reveals how he is fine to get on with things by himself and pleased for you to have outside interests which are yours alone. He can be trusted to get on with arrangements despite the numbers of life’s little challenges which stand in the way and most importantly, he doesn’t need a partner, more that he needs someone to add to his life and improve it which can only be viewed as a positive.

2) Curiosity didn’t kill the cat
His curiosity has seen him exploring the most far flung corners of the globe and encountering as many new experiences. These might include camping in Alaska, rafting the length of the Grand Canyon, rattling through India and China on overnight trains, hiking Machu Picchu and culture-vultering in Uzbekistan. He won’t say no to trying new things, chances are he’s already done it and can give you a helping hand. He isn’t frightened of a comfort zone but is never happier than when he is outside of it and testing his own boundaries. If you said you wanted to move to another country, it wouldn’t put a strain on your relationship, it would be an exciting new start. The fact that he can help you out of your comfort zone means the possibilities are endless – who wouldn’t be excited about that?


3) Keeps an open mind
He won’t judge people on their skin colour, background, sexuality or how much they earn. No, he is more interested in what they have to say. A man who travels won’t close himself (or you both) off to new experiences and is happy for you to have your own without him. He won’t turn his nose up at breaking tradition to try different things, and can accept failure is possible but knows he will learn from it as opposed to just making errors. Sounds perfect right? I have more so keep reading!

4) Can order your meal in ten languages
Ok so this may appear to have little relevancy so let me paint a picture for you. Let’s say you’re on holiday in Spain, a Chinese restaurant or run into confused tourists at a train station (we’ve all been there), he may be able to solve a situation with his array of basic language skills. A man who travels will know the most random of expressions in an array of languages from Hindi and Mandarin to Hungarian so if push came to shove, he could download from the travel-matrix archives and communicate effectively. Communication is key and to be with a guy who can arrive off a plane, jump in a taxi and find out those special nuggets of information using a combination of foreign words and heavy gesticulation is a wonderful thing. My favourite is Gān bēi meaning ‘dry the cup’ in Mandarin.

5) How smart is street smart?
A man who travels has met many shady characters along the dusty trails, but has also been humbled by genuine sincerity in times of crises; therefore he is a good judge of character, knows how to read people and understands the human race in its purist form. He can gauge if situations will pose potential issues and knows when to relax and let new experiences run their course. He is a also the ideal person to go to a garage sale with due to his honed bartering skills, and will know when to walk away.

6) Lives for the moment but plans for the future
When dating a man who travels you get the best of both worlds. He understands that getting older comes with more responsibilities, but appreciates there is a big wide world out there. Being in a loving relationship is important to him but experiencing different cultures, and more importantly understanding them, is essential. He may be harder to pin down to certain every day commitments but only because he is formulating a plan so you can do both. It shows he cares enough to consider other factors which may not be apparent. After all if the financial restrictions from buying a house stopped you globetrotting, would the rot set in? Perhaps not but it’s worth considering.

Holi Festival

7) It’s all in the delivery
Men who travel make great storytellers, and random travel tales are perfect for first dates or couch fillers for the most established couples. It makes meeting new people an easier transition and the perfect man to sit beside at a dinner party. Ok so maybe not the time where he shat himself on an overnight sleeper train in China or how he got food poisoning when staying in a campervan in Morocco, but there some real gems of conversation fodder ready to be unleashed around the dinner table.

8) He isn’t a hoarder
…or at least if he is he hides his stuff well. He is used to packing the bare necessities to fill a backpack and will not accumulate to bursting point. He won’t be as materialistic and is more likely to give his unwanted possessions away for someone else to use them. More to the point, it’s unlikely you will end up being crushed to death under boxes of old ‘treasure’, why? Because his possessions don’t define him.

Arches National Park

9) Snail mail surprise
He will always remember to send you a postcard from wherever he travels and let’s face it, in this world of electronic communication and social media, who doesn’t love to receive postcards from amazing places. Yes, it might feel like a double-edged sword as you turn it over to reveal an exotic beach but he means well and it shows he is thinking of you, even when oceans separate.


10) Because men make great pets
Who wouldn’t want someone whose baggage includes unique trinkets to fill your shelves, beautiful paintings to hang on walls, and colourful rugs to warm your feet on. He will be happy to try new cuisine and will always bring back a new bottle of alcohol or jam from wherever we have just flown in from. He will be house trained, will talk to the neighbours (unless you have the devil upstairs as I did previously) and always keen to fire up the BBQ outside in the sun, although he will probably call it an asado after his time spent in Argentina. Yes it’s a bit wanky but best thing to do is just smile and nod.

So there you go women and gay men, 10 gold reasons why male travellers make the best partners. Seriously, how could you possibly resist?

Grand Canyon

Happy travelling folks.



  1. May 19, 2015 / 5:56 pm

    This blog really made me smile! Some great reasons. Where can I find this man? 🙂

  2. August 11, 2015 / 10:56 pm

    Love this post! I married my travel guy!

  3. August 12, 2015 / 9:15 am

    I love this post! Now if I could find myself a traveling man!

    • August 12, 2015 / 10:31 am

      well I’m taken but I will most certainly keep my eyes out for you. Thanks for reading?

    • August 16, 2015 / 8:31 pm

      Thanks very much and good on you for snagging a travel guy, we are the bees knees!

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