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A strong desire to travel

So, the time has finally arrived to join Morri2Africa.

A day I’ve been counting down since Laura first mentioned the drive to me and asked if it was a crazy idea. Did I think it sounded crazy? No. Did it make me want to quit my job and join her for the whole 6 months? Absolutely. You see, we share a common bond and that is wanderlust.

The dictionary defines the word wanderlust as: a strong desire to travel.

Over the past 20 years, travel has taken us on a journey and has at times left us penniless, ill, exhausted, misunderstood, and ill-prepare. Despite this, we still have a strong desire to travel.

At times we joke that we would be richer and life significantly easier had we not travelled, so we could enjoy a normal life without the need to always be somewhere else. But not seriously obviously.

So, when Laura first mentioned Morri2Africa and asked if it was a crazy idea, I assumed it was a rhetorical question.

The Kiwi Has Landed After a particularly long local bus ride!

I first met Laura when I worked for Tucan Travel. She was new to the company and learning about Europe by joining a trip, I was a manager reviewing operations and leader training. Laura admitted she was a little nervous about travelling with me, but it didn’t take long before we realised we were peas in a pod. Now we are about to be two peas in a very small blue pod called Charlie. With no air-conditioning, during peak North African summer.

I lived in Cairo for a year when I worked as an adventure tour leader and loved every second. It is a country which I hold dear to my heart and was coincidentally one of the first places I visited when I visited 20 years ago. From the minute the sunrise Call-to Prayer reverberates over the city, it is the people that bring this country to life. I have been made to feel so welcome in this country, seen some magnificent sights including sunrise over The Nile, an Egyptian wedding, flown over the pyramids and the simplicity of rural life. What can I say, I’m excited to touch down on Egyptian soil again, to dive into The Nile to cool off, explore the ruins, haggle at the markets (hands down worst negotiator here) and share a beer with Laura as the sun sets.

On this trip, we will be travelling plastic free for three weeks. I have a bag for life to prevent ALL single use plastic bags, a Steripen to treat tap water and avoid ALL plastic bottles, plus will generally be staying clear of plastic. Click here to watch the video on how we will do this.

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If you want to make a donation to Cancer Research, we are 100% self funded so ALL the money goes to the charity. Click the link to donate.

So, without further hesitation…Laura Morrison and Morri2Africa, I am coming for you!

Here are a few updates so far:



  1. Margie Donald
    August 3, 2018 / 4:12 pm

    Hi Laura! Well done on your journey! My partner and I are Kiwis living and working in Africa. Just left Tanzania for a break to get our work permits sorted. Heading to Malawi. I lost my sister to ovarian cancer and my dad always loved his morri. He always had a morri. If you need any help info or a hand with anything at all, get in touch. Would love to help you out any way we can. Good on you. Margie Donald. Timaru N.Z. Currently on route from Tanzania to Malawi.

    • August 11, 2018 / 6:09 pm

      Thanks Margie. I’ve passed your message along to Laura as I’m travelling with her for three weeks. She will be in contact but thanks for reaching out and for offering assistance. Iain xx

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