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The Ultimate Guide to Camping Music Festivals in the United States

Musicians and recreational vehicles have an intangible connection that sort of makes them synonymous with each other. They’re linked in a way that RVs have been one of the go-to forms of transportation – especially for rock bands and festival goers in the past. Regardless if it’s a simple converted van or a decked out tour bus, there’s no doubt; music artists as well as fans and RVs represent a specific lifestyle perfect for travellers. Digital Music News even has a piece about the most essential things to have in a vehicle for touring groups and festival goers.

A significant part of this lifestyle, of course, involves the fans, or those who go to great lengths in order to watch a gig, a concert, or a festival in different parts of the country. In the United States, for instance, there are loads of music events that are specifically catered for the RV lifestyle. It’s an excellent way to watch various artists rock out on stage, as well as be with equally passionate fans. Yes, prices for these multi-day concert tickets aren’t exactly cheap, but at the end of it all, nothing beats the experience of being there firsthand. Aside from having plenty of choices, concertgoers somewhat bring their whole lives with them.

From hardcore and indie rock, to bluegrass and country, each genre and almost all types of music fans are well-represented at these North American festivals. Some even include outdoor expeditions, as well as food and art workshops. For obvious reasons, it’s vital to do a lot of research prior to driving to said music events. Learn more about a venue’s parking details, and if it has a viable camping facilities. Usually, there are online forums where people can reach out to other campers and ask questions about the event. It’s also worth noting that during these music festivals, several organisers hire security personnel and staff who have the authority to search vehicles, so it’s best to keep everything clean.

In terms of the actual shows, some of the best camping parties in the United States this summer feature the ones in Pryor, Oklahoma and Cumberland, Maryland. From the 26th of May to the 28th, the former will host Rocklahoma, which will have the likes of Soundgarden, Def Leppard, and The Offspring, among others. On the other hand, Maryland will have Delfest, a music and arts festival this May 25 until 28 that will feature The Del McCoury Band and The Travelin’ McCourys. For bluegrass and country fans, there’s the Lightning in a Bottle event in Bradley, California, while George, Washington has the Sasquatch Festival.

The following month, electronic dance music aficionados will have a blast with all the performers lined up in June. There’s Mysteryland USA in Bethel, New York, which is a three-day music, culture, and arts festival at the original site of Woodstock ’69. In Rothbury, Michigan, there’s Electric Forest, an eight-day, two-weekend event headlined by The String Cheese Incident and Bassnectar. As some readers might recall, The String Cheese Incident has been a common fixture at the event, having performed in said festival in the past.

When it comes to heavy metal music, nobody does it better than the Chicago Open Air 2017. Amongst all the established rock bands at this event, one group stands out: KISS. The ‘70s hard rock band consisting of the face-painted personas of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer will have top billing in the July 14th show. It’s quite impressive considering the group has been at it for over four decades, and is still going strong up to this day; so much so that companies outside music have used their popularity to their advantage. Apart from classic console titles like Psycho Circus and KISS Pinball, online casino platform, Slingo, recently unveiled its new KISS slot game to draw on the band’s current status.

Touring the United States in an RV is a worthwhile venture on its own. Pair that with the concept of catching a live gig, and people will have a sure-fire way to enjoy travel and all the benefits that comes with it.


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