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Spiaggia Planargia – Going bare on the island of Sardinia

Sardinia is not known for its nude beaches, in fact from what I’ve read they are illegal.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you cant find beaches where you can don your birthday suit and in my experience, there seems to be many ‘unofficial’ beaches that are equally as relaxing. Before I go further, it is worth noting that we were here the last week of June which isn’t peak season, so things could change if you came mid July. Common sense usually prevails whether its is the done thing or not.

So we are hardened Greece summer visitors. Most years, if not all, we visit Kos and end up on Polemi Beach which is a slice of heaven. This year we decided to travel further afield and visit the beautiful Italian Island of Sardinia. The plan was to stay in two different places and have two different experiences.

After flying in to Olbia airport and renting a car (big drama, long story, won’t bore you), we drove towards Tortoli and stayed just outside in the hills at a hotel called Hotel Abba ‘E Murta. This is apparently a stereotypical old Sardinian house which was sold and turned into a hotel. It is stunning and at EUR110.00 per room per night including breakfast, it really can’t be beaten.

The hotel is set on a vineyard and has a pool, horse paddocks, set away from the motorway and has a great restaurant and although it isn’t cheap, but worth every penny. This is not the place to come if you want wild nights and parties, it is so quiet that you can actually hear yourself unwinding. I cant recommend this place enough, you won’t regret it.

To get around you need to rent a car, just build it into your budget and forget about the price. Not only can you see some of the island, but you also can get to the beaches you want.

We visited Spiaggia Planargia, this is a 25 minute drive form the hotel through the small town of Barisardo. There is a supermarket in the town where you can pick up supplies.

My advice is drive down to the main beach carpark, you’ll know you’re there because they have sun loungers and a cafe, but don’t get out the car. Turn right (it’s literally the only road) and drive down for about 10 minutes until there is a tiny dirt road on your left, this takes you to a car park. I think it was called “Bau Beach Planargia – Spiaggia per cani” or ‘Beach for dogs’. Once you’re on the beach, turn right again and walk until you find a nice spot. You should start seeing people and whether they are nude or not. The days that we were there, it wasn’t busy and people were spread out, keeping to themselves and not walking around much.

There are no sun loungers so you may want to buy a mat and parasol for the sun, potentially also a pair of wetsuit shoes because it’s stoney getting in and out. There isn’t a cafe here so bring your lunch and a drink. We aren’t your typical nudists and if truth be told, only when we are away on holiday, in the sun, on the beach and there is an opportunity. We felt perfectly at ease here.

This beach is beautiful and as it’s off the main drag, is less busy so you can enjoy peace and quiet, as well as the Caribbean-clear water.

Enjoy folks!


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