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Travel Musings – The Kiwi Has Landed

Welcome to my Travel Musings page for The Kiwi Has Landed.

Here you’ll find an assortment of blogs and travel information from those nuggets of absolute travel gold, to the utterly ridiculous. Some of these blogs are a brain dump about specific subjects which I’ve noticed throughout my 20 years of travel, some are observations which make me laugh and others are there simply for your pleasure.


You’ll read about my foodie tips, why you should always date a man who travels, why you should travel while your young, and the best place to go for a naked holiday.

You might be interested to read about why I only visit animals in the wild, why I can’t bare inspirational travel quotes, or some of my biggest travel successes or fails. Never fear folks, it’s all here under one roof!

General Travel Musings

Join me on my adventures around the world and feel free to share your own as well. I’m all ears!

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