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14 reasons why you should NEVER visit Sudan!

Folks, I write this as a warning to anyone thinking of visiting Sudan. Everything you have ever read or heard about Sudan is exactly as it is when you get there. Everything your parents or the media told you about the country is correct. You should absolutely NOT travel there but IF you do, here is what you’ll find.


1) Sudan is just desert!

South Sudan Apart from the River Nile naturally,

2) Because there is famine and consequently no food.

Sudanese Food Breakfast is served.

3) The people are dangerous, you can NEVER trust them

Friendly people in Sudan It’s all the smiling faces that’s giving me cause for concern, well, that and the fact that they paid for our tea and waved us off.

4) Because everything is just dry and dusty with no real colour

There were so many incredible and colourful markets just like this one. Photo credit: @Westwards

5) There is absolutely no culture or history in Sudan

Sudan What? A rich and likely history which predates Egypt’s history?

6) Because there is no wildlife to see

This is from the Khartoum camel market. There were hundreds of camels bison, goats, sheep and other animals.

7) If you are stuck, you cannot rely on Sudanese people to help you.

Friendly people in Sudan Except of course, these people who not only invited us to their island, into their house, fed and watered us, gave us a bed and a heroes farewell…

8) Public buses are a nightmare and there is no other way to get around

Morris MinorOk so we travelled around in this guy, a 1958 Morris Minor but the public buses looked ok to me!

9) You can’t get alcohol is Sudan

The video is only posted because you can’t see their faces. The whiskey was delicious, therefore breaking the concept of zero alcohol.

10) The views are all so similar and very boring

Meroe, Sudan Ok so this view wasn’t boring, nor was every other pyramid that we saw. Sudan actually has more pyramids than any other place on planet earth.

11) There are absolutely no trees because they have all been cut down by the locals

Date Palms in Sudan Well, except for these thousand or so date palms.

12) The tea tastes like it’s been strained through an old sock

Sudanese tea In fact, the tea stops along the side of the road, and in cities were the highlights of my trip.Very very sweet though.

13) Sudan is just another muslim country

Now these do not look like Islamic crosses!

14) There is NOTHING interesting to see in Sudan…fact!

Acropole Hotel The oldest continuous hotel in Khartoum. Dates back to 1952. Full of character and even has a letter on the wall from Bob Geldof as they helped transport food to the camps for ‘Save the Children’ and ‘Oxfam,’

So by now, you should hopefully (unless you’re an absolute idiot) sense the sarcasm in this post. Sudan was one of the most friendly, welcoming, safe and rewarding countries I have ever visited. We were warned about dangerous people, attacking camels, to get out of Sudan as quickly as possible, and generally not to go. It was truly awesome, but don’t take my word for it. Here is a 3 minute video of my trip, please like and share.



  1. Mosadag aldoma
    November 2, 2018 / 9:07 am

    شكرا لين انا صاحب متجر الكاميرا وصاحب دعوه الافطار
    ارجو المزيد كتابه عن السودان

  2. December 29, 2018 / 7:37 am

    hey guys! loving reading through your content!
    I also kiwi and heading through to Sudan from Ethiopia in a couple months
    I’m hoping you could share how the visa situation was for you guys?


    • December 30, 2018 / 11:22 am

      Hey buddy, we did this in reverse but the border crossing between Ethiopia and Sudan was super easy. You don’t need a fixer. Visa situation I’m not sure about. We had Sudanese visas ahead of time but you can probably get one in Addis Ababa. You can always go onto iOverlander website/Facebook page and ask about a visa on the border. Hope this helps mate

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